Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor can be anyone who has a company/organisation, project or a charity and offers payment, commission or free product or services to our Champs.

What is a Champ?

A Champ is any individual with any social media account, or a YouTube Chanel, or a website. Champs have registered an account with to receive sponsorship.

Who is a customer?

A customer is anyone who purchases a product or service by our client and claims and claims cashback via the website.

How do I claim cashback?

You may claim cash back once you have submitted the Sponsorchamps code at the checkout, and you have obtained proof of purchase. You may now visit the claims page on and follow the instructions. If you have any problems doing so, please contact us with your query.

How will I be paid?

Customers: You will be paid your cashback as soon as the company you purchased from pays us. 

Champs: If you have taken part in the Active Sponsorship, You will receive payment at the same time as the Customer; Your payment will be a percentage of the total amount we receive from the company (Sponsor).

If you have taken part in a Direct Sponsorship, you will receive payment following the contract between you and the sponsor. Payment typically takes place soon after completing your side of the agreement.

What is a Partner?

A Partner is an influencer, which has been handpicked by Sponsorchamps to collaborate with to help promote Sponsorchamps Active Sponsorship scheme. Partners may also be selected to promote the client.

What is Direct Sponsorship?

Direct Sponsorship is when a sponsor agrees to pay a Champ a pre-determined amount of money in exchange for a review or advertisement on the Champs social media platforms. (Instead of paying money, optionally this can be free product or service).

For Champs: It means you have been handpicked either by the sponsor personally or by the Sponsorchamps team to promote the sponsors brand and company. Typically, this allows you to earn more for your time and work. However, Direct Sponsorships are generally more difficult to get than Active Sponsorship, and so requires you to remain active, committed and consistent.

For Sponsors: Direct Sponsorship gives you the ultimate in flexibility and control over the way your company brand is portrayed through your chosen Champ. You may determine the length of the ad/review, the Style, structure and in some cases even recommend your script to be read out and more.

What is Active Sponsorship?

Champs: Active Sponsorship allows multiple Champs to individually promote our client (the sponsor) on their social media accounts, or YouTube channel. Champs will direct their viewers to the sponsors website or contact information making sure to remind them to quote the code Sponsorchamps at the checkout, and they claim their cash back on the claims web page using your name or tag line to claim. You (the Champ) will be paid once the customer receives their cashback.

For Sponsors: Active sponsorship means you have more Champs promoting your company at any one time. You pay a commission to Sponsorchamps once you have generated a sale. Although this inherently has virtually no financial risk to your investment, it has limitations in terms of the type of advert you can have, and you have limited control over the way the advert is delivered by the Champ.