SponsorChamps is a sales and influencer marketing company, created and designed as a response to a common issue many start ups and medium sized companies face.
In 2018 we made a bold move by deciding to start our own e-commerce company, it had all the makings of a great start up, but inevitably and sadly failed. One of the major contributors to our failure was not having a solid strategy to reach our target market.
Creating a great company is the easy part, convincing people to pay for your product or service is the hard part. Getting the attention of your target market, can be a real challenge!
And so we turned to the fastest growing marketing platform in the world, social media influencers! Without a doubt we were convinced that our strategy was solid. Find a great influencer, pay a small fee, they talk about our company, and next thing we know we’re making sales. Right? Wrong, it didn’t quite work out like that. Something went wrong, seriously wrong.
It seemed like a great partnership as millions of influencers are keen to earn money from sponsorship deals, and companies are keen to sponsor influencers to reach their target market. But the reality is, most influencers don’t get sponsored, and many companies stick to their trusty old traditional methods of marketing.
Why is this still an issue today? We discovered the answer the hard way.
The process of a business and an influencer collaborating is made much too complicated, and for a company operating on a strict budget, complicated means risky. Many influencers don’t set out to become entrepreneurs, and so they undervalue or overvalue themselves, and many companies are worried about whether they will get a return on their investment, and so they don’t stick at it long enough to see the benefits.
Something  has got to change, this needs to become easier, faster, stress free, better regulated and fare for both parties. After a few months of learning from our previous mistakes, we discovered a great way to facilitate the process of companies large or small, to sponsor the ideal influencer to spread their brand awareness, and reach their target market. So, with a small team of five, SponsorChamps.com was formed, and the rest is history.
We now work closely with our clients, who we call Sponsors, and registered influencers, who are called Champs.
We like to get to know our clients personally, getting to know their brand, processes, target audience and vision. We also like to discover how they’d like to be portrayed by their audience. This is all very important when it comes to finding the perfect Champ to spread brand awareness and generate leads. We call this process Direct Sponsorship.
We also have our Active Sponsorship option, based on an ongoing commission structure. Influencers are compensated for sales they help to generate through their social media platforms. This works fantastically because it genuinely allows almost anyone with a social media account or YouTube Chanel to be paid for their work. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but if you stay committed, active and consistent, you can earn significantly.
All of this and more is all securely managed and maintained through our website and team. You don’t need to be concerned about any hidden fees, it is completely free to sign up.
If you have a business, you can register your business with us today, our team look forward to getting to know you.
If you are an individual looking for a genuine way to start earning extra money, why not consider signing up as a champ today. You won’t regret it!