A company looking to expand their brand and accumulate sales by the use of  Champs [influencers].


A person with a social media platform looking to work with companies, in return for payment or freebies.

“We work with Sponsors to provide our Champs with Sponsorship opportunities. This easily and simultaneously achieved by signing up.
We work with and provide services to both Sponsors (companies) and Champs (influencers) by connecting them together; helping the Sponsor accumulate both sales and brand awareness.
Champs can also benefit from this by earning  a passive income, from working with Sponsors”.

Sponsors [Companies]

Is growing your brand or trying to increase sales a Headache? Or simply time consuming?

Even if it’s not, we can still help!

Grow your company today with us through the use of our Champs. Work with us to monitor, track and increase your sales. Our trusted growth team will find and partner you with the best Champs to grow your brand and bring you more sales.

It’s just that simple!

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Champs [Influencers/people]

Sit back, relax  and earn a passive income by working with Sponsors. It’s really a no brainer!

All you need to do is promote the Sponsor assigned to you by ourselves on your social media platform. Our Champ executives will assist you every step of the way and will provide you with all the content you need.

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Why sign up to SponsorChamps


We help the growth of companies by strategically working with them to better their branding, their targeted audiences and sales targets.


We allow almost anyone to sign up and become a Champ because everyone deserves a chance; So when an opportunity comes along we can get them onboard!


We are transparent when working with both Sponsors and Champs to keep them both in the loop, every step of the way!